Slalom School

Introduction to canoe slalom

Canoe slalom is a fantastic and diverse sport spread over multiple disciplines. Here at Llandysul paddlers we have one of the best setups in the UK with access to pool, lake and river on our doorstep.  For 2019 we’d like to offer the opportunity to be part of a new initiative we’re starting this Easter and continuing until the end of summer with the opportunity to join our club slalom team thereafter. The “Slalom School” will aim at offering 9-13year olds the chance to work with our highly skilled and motivated slalom coaches at Llandysul paddlers, 2-3 sessions per week. The aim here is to introduce new kids to the sport, provide them with a unique set of kit and teach them the skills to ultimately race in one of our National ranking races which are held over the summer months, here on site. The School will start in the Easter holidays (April) and run to the end of September giving you 6 months to progress through to our club slalom team.

3 Sessions detailed below will guide you through your journey here at the Slalom school.

Pool Session – Calon Tysul

  • Calon Tysul Is situated a short walk/drive away from the Paddlers centre. We are lucky enough to have access to the pool so we can introduce kids into the sport in a safe warm environment. This also helps aid them in getting use to using boats/paddles and the various methods of leaving a boat safely before processing onto rolling and other advanced techniques.

Lake Session – Llandysul paddlers centre

  • The lake at Llandysul paddlers provides a safe learning environment to progress the paddling skills and understanding of slalom further. This will be were your first experience of “gates”, “courses” and “competition” will take place.

River Session – Llandysul paddlers centre

  • The river is where we are tested to the limit. Learning about how the river works and flows before introducing “gates” and “courses” into the mix just like the lake. Rivers are where slalom paddlers spend most of there time homing technical skills, water confidence and ultimately racing.


£20 per month, includes (Gold membership and benefits associated with it)

Family discount available

If you are interested or require more information about the school please contact myself or Gareth and we would be happy to help. 

Full details of all our other activities can be found on our website.

Gareth Bryant

Adam Johnstone