France Paddling Trip

This is the latest information on our France trip this year.
In 2019 we will be heading to the beautiful Ardeche gorge then heading back to the man made site in France close to Lyon at St. Pierre De Bouef.

If you have not filled in a consent form please ask for one and I will email it over. This is for everyone not just under 18’s.

This email is to try and make sure you have as much info as possible. If you are unsure about anything just let me know. Also if I have missed anything please let me know.

The Plan – 
Meet at Llandysul at 8.30am on Tuesday 20th August and load all the kit into the bus and trailer. All Slalom boats will go on the roof racks, plastic boats and kit will go in the Box trailer.
Just before we all pile in the coach and minibuses we will have a team chat about the trip just to make sure everyone has arrived and is happy. No need to panic getting onto the coach as names will be allocated to each seat. At 10am we should be all set to depart.
On the way we will be stopping to pick up a few people at clacket lane services on the M4 before heading to Dover ready for the 18.30 ferry.
Once we are on the ferry we can have the usual photos and work out who is who, should be easy to recognise each other as we will have our team hoodies on. When we arrive in France it will be time for a sleep while the drivers take us south overnight.

We should arrive in the Ardeche at about 11am in the morning of the 21st August. Campsite details can be found by following this link: on this day it will be a morning of setting up tents and then a larger team chat. During this team chat we will allocate coaches and sessions for those wanting to get on the water straight away. Please note there will be no paddling until after the team chat so we know the site safety rules. We will stay at the Ardeche for the next few days and a programme should look like this –

Tuesday 20th August – Depart Llandysul
Wednesday 21st – Arrive Ardeche set up and paddle on site
Thursday 22nd – Paddle on site
Friday 23rd – Paddle on Site
Saturday 24th – Paddle on Site
Sunday 25th – Start the decent + Bivi out in Gorge
Monday 26th –  Finish the Decent and Drive North
Tuesday 27th – Paddle at St Pierre De Bouef
Wednesday 28th – Paddle at St Pierre De Bouef
Thursday 29th – Paddle at St Pierre De Bouef
Friday 30th – Depart for home at 8am and head to Calais for 6pm arriving back in Llandysul at Midnight

For camping info at St Pierre De Bouef just follow this link –

Kit List –
You will need to bring with you the following –
1) Your Passport
2) Your E1-11 forms (Post Office),
3) Canoeing kit (Or borrow the clubs)
4) Spending money in Euros
5) Sleeping bag
6) Tent (if you need one of ours this can be arranged)
7) Travel insurance
8) Spare clothes.
9) Sun Cream
10) A Water bottle
11) A Wetsuit – Handy for Rafting and Arking or if you swim a lot.
12) Camping Chair
13) Plate, Bowl, knife, Fork, Spoon
14) Sleeping Mat
15) Pillow for the bus and tent
16) Boat, Paddle and all paddling kit.
17) Hammock and Tarp for the bivi site (or you can sleep in the big tents)

What we have sorted –
1) Transport
2) Campsites
3) Food
4) Cooking Equipment
5) The ferry
6) Instructors

The cost of the trip is £410 each. (I have listed below discounts for more than one booking and also a price for using your own transport)
Family Discount:
£760 for 2 people
£1120 for 3 people
£1420 for a family of 4
£1630 for a family of 5

If you would like to travel down in your own transport / motor home and join us for the coaching, camping, food, etc then this is possible and the price would be reduced by 50%

This is a list of everyone that has booked in so far –

1) Bus Driver                                       
2) Bus Driver                             
3) Matthew Elliott (Staff) 
4) Alix Bryant  (Staff) 
5) Sam Bryant – Slalom 
6) Lili Bryant – Slalom
7) Buddug Horscroft – 
8) Will Sterry – 
9) Richard Sterry 
10) Helen Sterry 
11) Sadie Sterry 
12) Ray Osborne
13) Lucy Keitch
14) Amy Keitch
15) Jo Keitch
16) Sion Golder (Staff – Driver) 
17) Trish Golder
18) Toby Golder
19) Rhian Golder
20) Ryan Golder   
21) Cadi Springer 

1) Jeremy Williams – (Staff) Drive the bus – Plastic
2) Phil Green  – (Staff) Drive the bus  – Plastic
3) Paul Taylor – (Staff) Plastic
4) Serena Williams (Staff)

Our 17 Seat Van and Trailer
1) Gareth Bryant – (Staff) Drive the bus in France – Plastic
2) Jeff Griffiths – (Staff) Drive the bus in France – Plastic
3) Scott Griffiths – (Staff) Slalom
4) Adam Johnston (Staff)  Slalom
5) Joey Chapman – (Staff) Plastic
6) Frazer Glasgow – Staff -Slalom

Driving and meeting us on site –
Nick, Ali, Harry, Dan and Charlie Joyce

The coaches looks something like –
Slalom Coaches – Gareth, Adam, Frazer, Evie,
Recreational Coaches – Joey, Paul, Jeff, Serena
Raft Guides – Jeff, Joey, Paul, Serena

The trip payment can be made by bank transfer to our club account that is llandysul paddlers Canoe Club – Account number 07600607  Sort number 53 70 36 please text Alix on 07920523362 when you have paid. Many thanks to those that have already paid.

Any questions, give me an email on or mobile 07900570440 See you all soon