Ren’s Race

This event is in memory of one of our ex-workers, coach and friend Ren who tragically lost his life on the Gower in May 2005. Ren was part of our club and centre for a few years while completing his outdoor education course in the Graig College, Llanelli. During the summer of 2003 he worked with us at the centre for a few months and also came out to the south of France on one of our most enjoyable trips, few people who attended the trip will forget his great smile and total enthusiasm for everything he did – whether it was on the scooter nipping around the back streets of Vallon or paddling some of the rivers in southern France.

Due to Ren’s ability to make friends so easily he has left many people from all over the country with some great memories, it is for this reason the event has been organised.

The nature of the race is hopefully how Ren would have wanted it, not too formal, good times, happy faces, and a beer to finish the day off.

If you would like to attend the event to paddle or spectate then please come to the canoe centre in Llandysul on December the 8th 2018. The race entry is free!!

The full race rules will be given out on the day but it should go something like this:

1) The race will start 300 metres above the grade 3 rapids and finish under the bridge at Henllan.

2) Names of all entries will be put into a hat.

3) Names will be pulled out of the hat for each round.

4) For each race, five names will be pulled out of the hat.

5) These five competitors will race against each other down the rapids in a head to head.

6) First, second and third place paddlers will continue into the next round.

7) The last two competitors in each race will be eliminated

(Except for the first round)

8) During the first round of races anyone who finishes in the last two positions will have an extra chance, and their names will be placed back into the hat to race again in the first round.

9) An extra chance only happens in the first round this will give everyone at least 2 goes down the rapids.

10) There will be different classes Juniors, Seniors, Male, Female etc.