Teifi Tour

The Teifi Tour is hosted here in Llandysul by Llandysul Paddlers in association with River Legacy.  As usual the River Legacy will also host the big party on the Friday AND Saturday night so please read the following information, as it may be useful;

The bar is open until 2am on both the Friday and Saturday nights

The Teifi Tour Tickets are £10 per person – this does not include the Party ticket.

(Please note that you are paying for use of the shuttle buses, camping and lifeguard cover. You are not paying to use the river and Llandysul Paddlers or the River Legacy are not responsible for organising access agreements, this is down to individuals.  Please see the Canoe Wales (CW) website for access information www.canoewales.com. Permission has been sought to use the car parks at Newcastle Emlyn and Cenarth).

The price of the river ticket has been the same for the past 20 years at £10 this covers the shuttle buses and safety cover. You can collect your tickets on Friday night from 5pm until midnight or Saturday morning from 8.30am. As part of the access agreement in place all paddlers must sign in at the canoe club office or university groups with the river legacy team, river tickets must be displayed on the shoulder strap of your buoyancy aid.  If you have purchased a full pass including the party then this should be worn on your wrist.

Failure to display your ticket could jeopardise the tour for future years.


Section one:   Llandysul to Pentre-cwrt bridge

You can access this section above the road bridge in our camping fields or downstream of the road bridge on the right hand bank. This section is four miles long and is grade three for the first half-mile section in Llandysul and grade two down to Pentre-cwrt bridge. Downstream 50m meters below Pentre-cwrt bridge there is a weir, which produces a full-length stopper, at low water levels it is possible to shoot the weir but at medium and high water levels you must portage on the right hand bank immediately below the bridge.

Pentre-cwrt bridge is the second bridge after Llandysul and is made of stone with a single arch you can see the bridge from a long way upstream so you have plenty of time to get off.

*If you have had a hard paddle at this point then you can catch a shuttle bus back to Llandysul from the bridge

Section two:  Pentre-cwrt bridge to Henllan Bridge

After the weir you can get back onto the grade 3 rapids which last for 500m the river then becomes grade 2 for three miles, as soon as you see the road close to the left hand bank then it is time to get off and inspect Henllan rapids. Inspection of the falls can be gained from the right hand bank. After you finish at Henllan falls you can take the shuttle bus back to Llandysul.


On Sunday morning the shuttle buses will take everyone down to Henllan falls where you can start the second part of the tour. The finish on Sunday is at Newcastle Emlyn just after the rapids and above the bridge on river right.

Section three:  Henllan bridge to Newcastle Emlyn

The shuttle buses will drop you off at the bridge where access can be gained upstream on the right hand bank. This first section on Sunday is five miles of grade two down to Newcastle Emlyn. You can either get off at the rugby club car park next to the river above the grade three rapids or run these and get off at the road bridge and wait for a shuttle bus to pass. If you wish to continue then this is now the start of section five.

Section four:  Newcastle Emlyn to Cenarth

Access for this section can be from the road bridge in Newcastle Emlyn or upstream of the road bridge in the rugby fields car park. This section is four miles long and is grade two until the river enters Cenarth Gorge. At Cenarth falls there is plenty of time to exit the river on the right hand bank to inspect the harder grade four rapids. For those of you who do not wish to attempt the falls you will have an easy egress on the right above the falls. For those that attempt these rapids you can either egress below the falls on river right or below the road bridge on river left.

*At high water level the main shoot on the river left of the falls is a hard grade 4 but there is an easy grade 3 run on the right hand side

** At Cenarth a few of the local shops are staying open to try and get some trade on the Sunday so if you can spend local it will be greatly appreciated.

Shuttle Minibuses

There are shuttle minibuses which will drop you off at the start points each day and will be at Pentrecwrt bridge and Henllan bridge for pick ups on Saturday and New Castle Emlyn rugby fields and Cenarth falls on Sunday. Each bus will have a trailer and straps will be made available. All buses will wait at their bridge until full, before returning to Llandysul. If you are at one of the bridges and the bus is not waiting then do not panic as it is on route. All buses will be returning to Llandysul at 5pm so please make sure you are off the water by this time.

Car Parks

1) At Llandysul on campsite opposite Club House.

2) At Pentrecwrt on road bridge.

3) At Newcastle Emlyn rugby field’s car park, 500m upstream of the road bridge on river right.

4) At Cenarth Fall’s car park above the bridge on the River right hand bank.